Terms and Conditions

  1. Registration Guidelines
  1. Completion of Registration: Participants must fill out the registration form in its entirety and submit it by clicking the “Register” button.
  2. Profile Update: It is mandatory for participants to update their profile with their contact number.
  3. Cost of Registration: There is no fee required to register.
  1. Auction Participation Rules:
  1. Bids are acknowledged and processed sequentially as they are received.
  2. Each item is subject to a minimum bid or reserve price.
  3. Initial bids must meet or exceed the stipulated minimum bid.
  4. Participants are permitted to raise their bid at any point prior to the auction’s conclusion.
  5. The highest bid submitted before the closure of bidding will be deemed the winning bid.
  6. The official server clock is the authoritative source for determining the closing time of bids.
  7. The final bid, known as the “hammered price,” is the conclusive high bid.
  8. Items are awarded to the highest bidder at the corresponding hammered price.
  9. Sellers retain the right to retract from the sale if the highest bid does not meet their anticipated price.
  1. Shipping and Handling:
  1. The responsibility of arranging shipping falls on the buyer.
  2. Pigeons or items must be dispatched promptly, accompanied by all necessary documentation or pedigrees.
  1. Auctioneer’s Discretion:
  1. The auctioneer reserves the right to determine the winning bid and has the authority to cancel the sale or re-offer and resell any item under dispute.
  2. The auctioneer does not guarantee the gender of any pigeons listed for auction.
  1. Indemnity Clause
  1. By participating, buyers agree to indemnify the organizing agents, “Flightlines.co.za,” along with its employees and agents, against any claims for damages or other claims arising from any cause.
  2. All bids placed are irrevocable and binding.
  3. Pigeons purchased through Flightlines.co.za are sold “as is” without any guarantees.
  1. Responsibility and Payment Terms
  1. Liability for Defects: Flightlines.co.za assumes no liability for any defects present in pigeons sold through the auction.
  2. Buyer’s Due Diligence: Bidders are responsible for making informed bids as though they have personally inspected the pigeons.
  3. Auctioneer’s Role: Flightlines.co.za acts solely as an auctioneer on behalf of the seller.
  4. Payment Obligation: Purchased pigeons must be paid for within 48 hours to facilitate the transfer to the new owner.
  5. Ownership Responsibilities: The new owner assumes all responsibilities for the pigeon post-sale unless otherwise arranged with Flightlines or their agents.
  6. Collection and Shipping: Buyers are required to collect or arrange courier services for their purchased pigeons within 72 hours.
  7. Loss Liability: Flightlines.co.za is not liable for any losses incurred after the stipulated collection period.
  8. Courier and Air Freight: Pigeons transported via courier or air freight services fall outside Flightlines.co.za’s jurisdiction.
  1. Bidding Process
  1. Bid Placement: Submit your bid after selecting the desired pigeon.
  2. Outbid Notifications: You may receive an email notification if another bidder surpasses your bid. Please always watch your auction and refresh your browser. Also look at your Spam email folder.
  3. Bid Tracking: Monitor all your bids.
  1. Cash Deposit Fee
  1. Handling Charge: A cash handling fee of 2% will be applied to cash deposits made into our bank account.
  1. Automatic Listing Time Extension
  1. Final Minutes Bidding: Bids placed in the closing minutes will trigger a five-minute extension of the auction.
  2. Continuous Extension: This extension will persist until no further bids are placed and the highest offer stands.
  3. Closing Time Adjustment: If a bid is received within the final five minutes, the auction time for that pigeon will extend accordingly.
  4. Scheduled Closure: The auction will conclude at the scheduled time unless a bid is placed in the last minute, prompting an extension.
  5. Internet Speed Consideration: Due to varying internet speeds, bidders should frequently refresh the page to ensure they are aware of the latest bids.
  1. Error Handling
  1. Mistake Resolution: Should an error occur, participants are encouraged to contact Flightlines.co.za immediately.
  2. Bid Retraction: Bids made within the last three hours of the auction are final and cannot be retracted or deleted.


These rules are established to ensure a fair and professional auction experience for all participants. Compliance with these guidelines is expected and appreciated.